Best Cigar Humidor in 2020: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Enjoying a good cigar after a long day at work is one of life’s pleasures. But if your humidor doesn’t keep it moist and aromatic, you’ll be left disappointed.

With so many different cigar humidors on the market, it’s challenging to know exactly what you need. There are various factors to consider, such as the size, materials used, etc.

To help you out, we’ve combed the internet to find the best cigar humidors for all you cigar aficionados out there.

Plus, as an added bonus, we’ll cover the most important factors to consider when purchasing a humidor.

Comparison Chart

Glass Top Handcrafted Cedar Humidor with Front Digital Hygrometer, Humidifier Gel, and Accessory Drawer – Holds (25-50 Cigars) by Case Elegance
Mantello Cigar Humidor – Large Glass-Top Humidifier Box with Hygrometer & Removable Cedar Tray – Classic Wooden Storage Container with Divider – Best Cigar Accessory Gift for Men – Holds 50-100 Cigars
Monogrammed Carbon Fiber Design Handcrafted Modern Cedar Humidor with Front Digital Hygrometer and Humidifier Gel – Holds (25-50 Cigars) by Case Elegance
DUCIHBA Desktop Humidor Case Holds 25-50 Cigar, Tempered Glass Top Display, Handcraft Spanish Cedar Wood Storage Box with Divider, Humidifier and Hygrometer, Ebony Black Finish
MEGACRA Desktop Cigar Humidor, Cedar & Leather Cigar Storage Box Well Seal Design with Tray and Adjustable Divider, Glass Hygrometer and Rectangle Humidifier, Holds 25-50 Cigars

Best Cigar Humidors Reviews

Case Elegance Glass-Top Humidor

best cigar humidor

The first on our list is this elegant, glass-top humidor from renowned brand Case Elegance. They’re known for making high-quality products, and this humidor is no exception.


There aren’t many manufacturers who make glass-top humidors that look classy but also seal well. This Case Elegance humidor combines style with functionality.

Plus, the glass lid lets you show off your collection of smokes. It’s also magnetized, a far-from-typical feature. The magnets secure the aforementioned tight seal, keeping your cigars fresh at all times. In fact, the manufacturer claims that nothing can pass through it. To prove this, we dare you to try and slide a dollar bill inside!

The exterior hinges securing the top are custom-made to ensure the humidity is the right level. Moreover, the wood grain exterior looks well-built, reliable, and stylish. It will go well in any cigar lounge because of the gorgeous walnut finish.

As you look inside, you’ll notice the high-end cedar inlay and lining, common in some of the finest humidors. Not only does it look luxurious, but it also smells divine anytime you open the lid.

Furthermore, this humidor comes with the Case Elegance hydro system, which evenly distributes the humidity throughout the box. In addition, you also get Case Elegance humidifying gel and hydro sticks.

These help you season your humidor before storing the cigars inside. Plus, Case Elegance patented the sticks, so they look exactly like cigars, only with an additional cedar kick.

Before seasoning for the first time, make sure you carefully read the instructions inside the box. Note that you can also order Case Elegance humidor solution to wipe the inside of the box.

This humidor has an in-built digital hygrometer, which allows you to monitor the humidity level. Even if it’s less than 65%, you can always soak the hydro sticks with the humidor solution and put them inside to raise humidity to the perfect level. Keep in mind that 3% variations are generally acceptable.

Another feature we love about this humidor is the additional drawer. It allows you to store your lighter, cigar cutters, and a travel case.

Finally, Case Elegance works closely with Tree for the Future, a nonprofit organization that plants trees worldwide. They formed this partnership to create a balance for all the wood used in their manufacturing processes.


  • Elegant design
  • Additional storage space
  • Spanish cedar lining and inlay


  • Pricey
  • Occasional faults in hygrometer
  • Doesn’t fit more than 25 cigars, although stated otherwise

Deauville 100 Cigar Humidor

best cigar humidor

The Quality Importers Deauville humidor is a fine piece of craftsmanship that attracts many global cigar enthusiasts for its art deco design. The shiny tobacco leaf on the lid will no doubt resonate with all cigar connoisseurs.


Quality Importers is a company known for putting their products through a rigorous inspection process. The patented SureSeal technology ensures that all their humidors retain a cigar’s quality and offer sufficient protection. Moreover, this Deaville 100 Cigar Humidor also has a Quality Importers mark of approval.

This wood humidor features a glossy maple finish look. The front features a gold-plated lock and a key with a tassel. The overall design is vintage and highly decorative. Another unique feature is the brass nameplate, which comes packed with the humidor.

You can engrave it with anything you want, making this humidor a perfect Father’s Day gift. Alternatively, you could monogram it for that personalized touch. There are two ornate brass handles on the sides to help you move this heavier than average humidor.

This model comes with a fair quality rectangular humidifier and a round, analog hygrometer. The interior features a removable Spanish cedar tray. There’s also a divider that allows you to separate your cigars and prevent the flavors from combining.

The manufacturers state that the base is scratch-resistant, which means everyday use won’t affect it. Since the whole interior is covered in kiln-dried Spanish cedar, you need to season the humidor before you use it.

Storage-wise, this Deauville humidor can accommodate between 100-150 cigars, depending on their size. For that reason, it’s an excellent option if you already have a significant collection of cigars.


  • SureSeal technology
  • Large storage
  • Brass nameplate


  • Hygrometer and humidifier don’t stay in place
  • Tray holder not tight enough
  • Tends to leak

Case Elegance Carbon Fiber Humidor

best cigar humidor

Cigar enthusiasts who love minimalist design know how difficult it can be to find a humidor that doesn’t have a mahogany, walnut, or cherry finish. For them, the Case Elegance carbon fiber humidor might be the right choice. This modern, greyish humidor comes with a stainless steel plate, which you can easily personalize by having it monogrammed.

It looks sleek, well-crafted, and will be a fantastic addition to any minimalist home.


Just like most Case Elegance humidors, this model also features a Spanish cedar interior and does a great job of retaining moisture. What’s unique about it is a modern and polished carbon fiber design. The seal boasts the renowned Case elegance magnetic seal technology.

It’s very tight and ensures your smokes are protected. The magnets aren’t visible, yet they always keep the seal closed.

The humidor comes with instructions, which tell you how to season it properly. In addition, it features the patented Case Elegance Hydro sticks and humidifying gel.

The inside of the humidor smells wonderful because of the Spanish cedar coaming and inlay. There’s also attractive lining, which isn’t prone to scratching.

The visible, built-in hygrometer gives an accurate reading. However, it’s important to read the instructions carefully on how to season the humidor.

Crucially, you shouldn’t store too many cigars inside. If you do, the humidity level might drop significantly, leaving you with cigars that haven’t aged properly.

Since the hygrometer tends to get loose over time, it would be a good idea to put masking tape on it. It also comes pre-calibrated, so you don’t have to worry about having to calibrate it before using the humidor. Plus, there’s an option to change Fahrenheit to Celsius if you want.

What distinguishes Case Elegance from other brands is their customer support. Even if you have issues with the humidity level, which can sometimes be a case with this box, they’ll be sure to help you in any way they can. Their knowledgeable employees often reach out to see if you’ve fixed the issue and started to enjoy the benefits of this humidor.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Unique, minimalist look
  • Stores 35-40 cigars


  • Seasoning can be difficult
  • Hygrometer not tightly secured
  • Inconsistent finish

Ducihba Desktop Humidor

best cigar humidor

If you’re on a tight budget, but still want to store your cigars properly, then this humidor might be a good option for you. It’s relatively inexpensive starter piece for all newbie cigar lovers. Plus, if you aren’t completely satisfied with it, you get a full refund.


The black strip around all edges of this Ducihba humidor add an interesting detail to the traditional cherry finish. The velvet lining is scratch-resistant and has a vintage feel to it. The removable cedar divider helps organize cigars without flavor contamination.

The tampered glass display on this humidor allows you to see and show off your collection. It can store up to 50 cigars, depending on their size, making it a middle-sized humidor.

Although quite affordable, the manufacturers didn’t use a low quality seal on this humidor. Instead, it’s handmade, feels secure, and helps moisture retention.

It features an analog hygrometer on the front, allowing you to see the readings at any time. It might take a couple of days to reach the right humidity level, but once it does, it doesn’t fall below 68%.

And given the fact this is a rather inexpensive humidor, it’s quite accurate. Since the seasoning isn’t difficult, this is a good basic piece for those just starting to explore the wonderful world of cigars. The craftsmanship looks expensive, although this is a low-budget humidor.

In a nutshell, if you’re new to collecting cigars, it’s always better to get a humidor than to keep them around the house. You’ll see how your smoking experience can improve, without spending a fortune.


  • Fantastic smell
  • Affordable
  • A good starter humidor


  • Takes a long time to reach the right humidity level
  • Heavy
  • A hydrometer can get stuck at a certain level

Megacra Desktop Cigar Humidor

best cigar humidor

Finding an excellent quality humidor that’s compact and affordable can seem like an impossible task. However, this Megacra model is precisely that.

The brand is generally known for manufacturing products that have passed rigorous inspections and don’t break your bank. Ultimately, this humidor combines style, price, and functionality.


Owning to the high-quality PU leather, this Megacra has an attractive, high-end feel to it. You’ll enjoy showing it off to fellow cigar lovers. And because it’s so compact, you can take it on your trips without any undue fuss.

The case feels sturdy and well-built, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your cigars once you store them inside.

Some cigar lovers prefer cases without a glass top. That way, sunlight won’t affect the temperature of the humidor. For them, this Megacra humidor is a good option, as it secures the cigars, and only allows for minimal light exposure.

The metal hinges on the edges of the box are stable and allow you to open this humidor up to 90 degrees. Furthermore, opening and closing the box is quiet, as the hinges are high-quality. The inside of the humidor features a magnetic system, large enough to hold the round, analog hygrometer, and a rectangular humidifier.

For this price range, the hygrometer is quite accurate. Since this humidor comes with clear directions, you can easily learn how to season it properly for your first batch of cigars.


  • Compact
  • Leather case
  • High-quality, quiet hinges


  • No additional drawer
  • Analog hygrometer
  • Occasional issues with the seal

Buyer’s Guide

Humidors are manufactured to mimic the climate of the tobacco growing region. They help your cigars stay in an environment that brings out the best flavors. However, choosing the best cigar humidor isn’t an easy task.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you need a humidor which will keep your collection of cigars flavorful. Moreover, the best cigar humidor can also help salvage dried-out cigars. Here’s what you should consider before getting one.


Are you a beginner, or do you already have an impressive collection of cigars? The size of your humidor will depend on this. The key thing is to buy a model that will store your whole collection. Most small humidors can house around 25-30 cigars.

They can easily fit on your desk in your workspace, or on a shelf. If you’re just starting out and have a relatively small collection, then these are ideal for you. What’s more, these small-sized humidors are affordable, but don’t sacrifice the quality for the price.

Many small humidors are great if you love taking cigars with you on your trips. Because they’re compact, you can easily carry them in your hand luggage. Your cigars will still be intact, and you’ll be able to enjoy the ritual of smoking once you reach your destination.

Medium-sized humidors can usually accommodate around 50-150 cigars, depending on their size. They’re also more expensive but suitable for those who already have an assortment of cigars. Most models also feature a removable tray, which allows you to store additional cigars.

Large humidors are an excellent choice for huge cigar lovers. Naturally, an impressive and extensive collection of cigars deserves to be stored in the proper place.

Since they’re like a piece of furniture, you need to have enough space in a room to fit them. They’re also a long-term investment due to their high prices.

Humidor Type

There are various types of humidors on the market. Ultimately, the choice will depend on the size of your collection and whether you’re a novice collector or an expert.

Mason jar humidors have become increasingly popular in recent years. Although they can’t store more than 10 cigars, they’re great if you travel often. Besides, you can always have a collection of your cigars on hand.

Mason jar humidors also feature an air-tight seal. For that, it’s always better to have even this small-sized humidor than to keep your cigars unprotected.

Box humidors are the most common as they come in various sizes. Some feature handles on the sides for ease of carrying purposes. In general, since you can move these, they’re ideal for camping, dinner at your friends’ house, etc.

Finally, coolers are something a true collector should own. They have massive storage, so even a couple of hundred cigars can be stored. These come with an onboard gauge, which you can use to adjust the temperature.

Drawer Material

Most good-quality humidors feature a cedar interior. Not only does it smell wonderful, but once you open the box it gives your cigars the familiar flavorful aroma. Plus, it’s known for being an excellent insect repellent.

Spanish cedar is also popularly used as it efficiently regulates and maintains the temperature. This helps provide the perfect environment for your cigars.

If you’re on a tighter budget, look for drawers made of American red cedar or Honduran mahogany.

American red cedar isn’t as effective as Spanish cedar but can still maintain the desired humidity levels. However, cigars tend to pick up the ‘woody’ aroma if stored in American red cedar humidors, and this isn’t something everybody likes.

On the other hand, Honduran mahogany has almost the same absorbing qualities as Spanish cedar. What’s more, it doesn’t give your cigars the ‘woody’ aroma like American red cedar. Unfortunately, it isn’t as good as protecting your humidor from beetles hatching their eggs.

Furthermore, there are metal drawers, but we advise you to avoid them. Although much more wallet-friendly, metal can affect the flavor of the cigars, which you certainly don’t want to happen. It also tends to be flimsy and doesn’t have that classic feel to it.

Finally, there are even acrylic humidors. Acrylic humidors are lightweight, provide a tight seal, and don’t require seasoning like wood humidors.

But they also absorb much more UV light, which isn’t good for your cigars. Besides, acrylic humidors have a pungent chemical smell.

Temperature and Humidity Control

Cigars need to be stored in an environment that’s going to mimic the climate of their origin. That said, humidors should have an optimal humidity of 62%-75%. The humidity level should be stable and consistent.

And accurate hygrometer can help you monitor the humidity level inside the box. Humidors also come with humidifiers, which ensure the humidity is at its optimum level.

Most standard humidors feature fairly accurate hygrometers and humidifiers. If you’re increasing your cigar collection, you might consider buying a separate humidifier and hygrometer, and thus improve the performance of the humidor you already own.

Keep in mind that the climate of your area can affect the temperature of your humidor. Always remember that you shouldn’t expose it to direct sunlight.

Doing so will increase the temperature, which can potentially lead to tobacco beetle eggs hatching. When it’s warmer, you can even get a fan and aim it at your humidor to decrease the temperature. If you’ve got a basement, you can move it there as the temperature is significantly lower.


The interior of a humidor should be made of a good-quality material such as cedar, which brings out the flavor of cigars.

What’s more, cedar lining is good at absorbing excess moisture, which can badly affect the taste of a cigar. The mahogany lining is also popular as it keeps the humidity level somewhat stable.

Humidors also feature a removable cedar tray where you place your cigars. Most brands include a divider, which lets you organize your collection. Often, there’s additional storage below the tray, where you can store extra cigars.


How to Use a Cigar Humidor?

To retain the flavor, optimum strength, and humidity of your cigars, you need to use a humidor. Manufacturers design humidors to imitate the ideal climate for tobacco. In general, the best humidity conditions are between 62%-75%.

Seasoning a humidor before you store your cigars is essential. First of all, you need a gallon of distilled water and a clean sponge.

Remove everything from the humidor and wipe it with a damp sponge. Keep in mind that the interior mustn’t be flooded with water. Then, wipe the tray and the dividers of the humidor.

Finally, dampen your sponge and place it inside the case.

Some humidors come with their own humidifying solutions. If that’s the case with your device, make sure you read the instructions carefully. In general, it takes a couple of days for your humidor to reach the optimum humidity level.

But don’t worry if after a couple of days the level drops a bit. You can add distilled water, and the conditions will be suitable for cigars once again.

How Does a Cigar Humidor Work?

Once you season the humidor and it reaches the right humidity level, it’s time to insert your cigars. The humidor helps you properly store your cigars by creating an environment that preserves natural oils and aromas.

Put simply, it keeps the appealing flavors of your favorite cigars and ensures they don’t burn too quickly when you smoke them.

Inside the humidor, there’s a humidification system, which keeps the humidity at an optimum level, which is never below 62%.

Some humidors feature a hygrometer on the outside of the box, some on the inside. This allows you to monitor the humidity level and ensures that your cigars are kept in the right environment.

Usually, a humidor comes with a divider, which you can use to organize your cigars. That way, distinct aromas don’t mix.

As cigars have different countries of origin, this helps you separate the flavors that aren’t perhaps compatible. However, some cigar aficionados don’t insert a divider, as this lets flavors marry and creates unique combinations.

How Long Will a Cigar Last in a Humidor?

How long a cigar in a humidor will last largely depends on the quality of your humidor. Some high-quality humidors can store cigars indefinitely. As cigars don’t have a limited lifespan, with proper care, they can last for decades in a humidor.

The highest quality cigars are expensive, but also extremely valuable because of the flavors derived from being stored for a long time. However, there are also lower quality humidors, which can store cigars for only a couple of months.

If you’ve got a good-quality humidor, you need to monitor the humidity level weekly. Furthermore, you should add distilled water when necessary to create an environment where cigars can be stored for a long time.

Of course, the climate of your area will also influence the humidity levels in a humidor. Therefore, you might have to make adjustments for those weather conditions.

Finally, if mold starts appearing in a humidor, remove the cigars immediately, or else they might go stale. And be sure to clean the humidor before you use it again.

In a nutshell, it’s up to you for how long you want to store cigars before you smoke them. It’s better to be patient and wait for them to yield those fabulous aromas. Generally, a cigar is ideal for smoking after being stored in a humidor for five years.

How Long Can a Cigar Be Out of a Humidor?

Once you take a cigar out of a humidor, the flavor can stay intact for up to three days. After that, it’ll taste differently and burn much faster.

When you store a cigar in a humidor, it retains its natural aromas and oils, and keeps its distinct taste. But, like we said, you can actually preserve it like this for many years.

Final Verdict

The best cigar humidors protect your cigars, help maintain the flavors and aromas, and look good in your house or office. We researched each of the humidors in this article meticulously, so whichever you choose, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

However, if we had to pick our favorite, that would have to be the Deauville 100 Cigar Humidor. It has a vintage feel to it, large storage, and a unique stamp of approval.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank, you can purchase the Ducihba Desktop Humidor. It’s a great starter humidor, and the seasoning isn’t tricky.

No matter what you choose, we’re sure you’ll make a smart choice and get a humidor that’s ideal for your beloved cigars.

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