Best Cigar Punches: 2021’s Best Picks

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Do you want to have a clean cigar end for the perfect draw? A cigar punch cutter is your tool. To find the perfect cigar punch is not always that easy if you take a look at the many great ones available on the market. In this review, we took the hassle out of your cigar punch shopping and came up with a list of durable and affordable ones.

Go through the best cigar punches we selected for you to see which one of them will be the perfect one for your specific needs.

Comparison Chart

Vertigo Striker Cigar Punch
Best Choice
OYHBO Cigar Punch Set
Best Price
Best Design

Best Cigar Punches Reviews

Vertigo Striker Sicar Punch From Vertigo Parfums

best cigar punch

This well-designed cigar cutter is made with your convenience and comfort in mind to get the job done every time you use it.


This best cigar punch is made from quite a high-quality material to make it much more durable to last for a long time. It is made with compact and lightweight construction, so it fits in your pocket to carry with you on the go.

It also comes with a keyring attached to it, so it will be easy to add to your set of keys. Or you can quickly and easily attach a chain to it to keep it close at hand in your pocket.

The nice silver metal finish makes it quite nice to carry with you and show off to friends and acquaintances. It also comes with a retractable blade to make it much easier to completely cut the cigar in no time.

However, this cigar punch is not one of the easiest to use and will need some getting used to. So it will take time before you will be able to use it properly, which is not a good thing for the beginner cigar smoker.

This cigar punch blade is not very sharp, and many beginners will have a problem working with it. So they may just skip this one and go for something with a sharper blade for a quick and precise cut.


  • Has a strong and durable design
  • Comes with a retractable blade included
  • You get a keyring attached to it
  • It is made with top-quality materials


  • This will need some getting used to
  • Some quality issues with the blade


Bullet Style Cigar Punch From Oyhbo

best cigar punch

With this set, you get 3 nicely designed cigar punches, and they come in 3 different colors for your convenience at quite an affordable price.


This cigar punch from Oyhbo is designed to fit perfectly on bullet type cigars for a quick, easy cut. You do not need to put much effort into cutting with this punch; just insert and turn, and you have a perfect cut.

It is made from high-quality stainless steel material, so it will last for a long time to provide you many easy cigar cuts. The punch is covered with top-quality plastic to keep it protected and prevent the metal from being exposed to the environment.

With the keyrings attached to all of the cigar punches in the set, you can easily store it on a chain in your pocket. This cigar punch can also easily double as a keychain to add your keys to it to save some space.

Unfortunately, this cigar punch from Oyhbo is not really suitable to use with thinner cigars but is perfect for bullet types. This will limit the type of cigars you smoke and take away some of this cigar punch’s versatility.

Also, some of these punches may come with some plastic overflow that was leftover from the manufacturing process. This needs to be trimmed away before you use it, or it may damage your cigars.


  • You get 3 punches in the set
  • Straightforward, easy operation
  • Comes with a nice storage box included
  • It is a dual-purpose cigar punch


  • Not really suitable for thinner cigars
  • It will need some trimming for perfect use


Cigar Hole Punch From Jifeng

best cigar punch

This is a very nice looking cigar punch that looks good on display while using it; just be careful, or someone may walk off with it.


This cigar punch comes with the perfect hole size. It cuts the cigar for a very convenient smoking hole size. It will cut the hole to only 7mm, so you will get the perfect amount of smoke for the perfect flavor option.

You also get a nice storage box included to be the perfect choice as a gift for cigar-smoking enthusiasts. This will keep the cigar punch safe and secure when not in use, so it will last for a very long time.

The all-metal design makes it quite a durable construction to improve the durability as well as the longevity of the punch. With the nice ripple finish of the cigar punch, it will just add to the overall aesthetics of your cigar-smoking corner.

However, the keyring of this cigar punch provided by Jifeng is a bit too wide and slips off quite easily from the noose. This is why many users remove the ring and keep it in the box to keep it safe and secure.

The all-metal feature is also a negative where it makes the cigar punch a bit heavy. This makes it feel a bit uncomfortable to carry in your pocket for some people out there, so it takes away some of the usability.


  • Cuts a perfect 7mm hole in the head
  • Made with a very nice finish
  • Easily dispose of cut-off material
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • The keyring gap is too wide
  • This cigar is a bit on the heavy side


UltraSharp Cigar Punch 3.0 From Screwpop

best cigar punch

This multi-purpose cigar punch from Screwpop comes with great features included to make it the perfect companion to take with you wherever you may go.


This cigar punch comes with many great features included to make it quite a multi-purpose piece of equipment. You can use it as a bottle opener, and at the same time, it can be a zipper pull for quick and easy closing.

Quickly and easily attach it to your belt ring or wherever you get a place to hang it with the quick-attach clip that is included. The lid also comes with the screw-on or screw-off option to keep it secured to the punch all the time.

With the rugged design of this cigar punch, it will be able to withstand whatever the elements will throw at it. This makes it quite a durable punch that will provide you with many years of cigar cutting service.

It is not that easy to use this cigar punch the first few times until you get used to it for a perfect hole cutting. This will be a bit off-putting for the beginner cigar smoker, as they may want to look for a more comfortable option.

Even though you will want to keep your cigar punch close most of the time, at some point you need to put it away safely. However, with this cigar punch, you do not get a protective case to keep your investment safe and secure when not in use.


  • Comes with a bottle opener attached to it
  • It is a multi-purpose cigar punch
  • Comes with a screw top
  • Easy to attach clip keyring


  • A bit difficult to learn to use it
  • There is no protection case included


Retractable Cigar Punch From Cigarloong

best cigar punch

This is the cigar punch you want to have with you to show off to your cigar smoking friends; it will also display nicely.


It comes with that unique retro finish to make it look like quite a valuable collector’s item to be the envy of friends. It also comes with a very strong and sturdy keychain ring included for a more secure attaching option.

With the sturdy design and construction from durable materials, it will last for quite some time to give you many hours of great service. This cigar punch is made from stainless steel and zinc-alloy to add to the durability and overall quality of the item.

This cigar punch will make a great gift for cigar lovers and comes included with a nice and sturdy protective case. This will help to keep your punch safe and away from accidental damage when it is not in use.

Unfortunately, this cigar punch from Cigarloong does not have a clean-cut to provide you with the perfect hole for smoking. This is not good because it might damage the cigar and render it useless to smoke.

It also comes with quite a high price tag attached to it to put it out of reach of many cigar smokers. Those with a tight budget will have to look elsewhere else for a more affordable cigar punch.


  • The punch comes with a unique finish
  • A well-designed and sturdy cigar punch
  • Will cut different size holes in the cigar
  • Strong and sturdy keychain ring


  • Does not have a clean cut
  • This cigar punch is a bit pricey



We chose the CIGARLOONG cigar hole punch because of the strong construction and attractive design as well as a clean-cut to keep your cigar intact. However, it does come at quite a high price point and might not be suitable for those with a tight budget.

This is the reason we chose the Verigi Striker cigar punch with a much lower price tag but with the same durable construction. It also comes with great features to make it the ideal companion for the cigar smokers out there.

These are the list of some best cigar punch that are affordable and easily available. You can try anyone of them according to your requirement.

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