Best Cigar Torch Lighters of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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The best cigar torch lighter performs beyond its usual expectations of effectively lighting up your favorite stogie.

Its portable and compact design ensures convenient and user-friendly utility without compromising on safety.

We reviewed five cigar torch lighters available for potential buyers to consider.

Best Cigar Torch Lighter Reviews

1. Zippo 65827 Butane Lighter

If you are looking for a compact double torch lighter, then considering the Zippo 65827 Butane Lighter will be a great idea.

This lighter enhances overall convenience with a built-in butane insert, a soft-touch ignition, and over 60 lights with a second-second interval.

Product Highlights

At first glance, the Zippo 65827 Butane Lighter looks like an ordinary lighter for cigarette smoking.

However, despite its deceptively good looks and compact design, this lighter packs in a real punch with its dual torch flame.

In terms of fuel capacity, the innovative design of the lighter provides an insert that can easily hold up to 0.9g of fuel.

You will find that this is enough to easily produce approximately 60 lights with five-second intervals, ensuring long and continuous usage.

We also found the overall metal case of the lighter extremely sturdy and resilient to high temperatures without compromising safety.

Additionally, in terms of convenient lighting, there is a soft-touch ignition that makes sure the lighter lights up quickly.

What We Like

We found the compact and portable design of the Zippo 65827 Butane Lighter very user-friendly.

For instance, the soft-touch ignition only takes a single press to light up the lighter.

The inbuilt gas insert is also easy to remove and does not require frequent refills because of the high fuel retention capacity.

What We Don’t Like

Although there is high fuel retention capacity, the Zippo 65827 Butane Lighter does not have a visible window to keep track of fuel usage.

Also, unlike other lighters that lit up further away from the user’s hand, this lighter lights up closer to the finger, compromising safety.


  • Sturdy metal body
  • Impressive fuel storage capacity
  • Compact and portable design


  • Unable to track fuel usage
  • Shorter flame height

2. Urgrette Two-Pack Butane Torch Lighter

The Urgrette Butane Torch Lighter is the perfect lighter duo for the outdoor enthusiast.

Its compact and portable design allows easy travel while you can alternate between the two torches to have a longer fuel life.

Product Highlights

We found the simple yet extremely ergonomic design of the Urgrette Two-Pack Butane Torch Lighter very refreshing compared to other counterparts.

The six-inch-long torch is easy to store and carry and ensures your safety against getting burnt.

You will find that despite their compact design, the torch lighters are made with high-quality aluminum alloy metal with multiple surface plating technology.

These, combined with the three protective layers, ensure that the light does not get too hot when used continuously over 10 seconds.

Another great safety feature of the lighter is that it requires continuous ignition to work and will stop if the button is released.

This way, the ignition does not turn on unless deliberately pressed for usage.

You can also easily track the level of fuel consumption through the visible fuel tank.

Although the pen design of the torch lighter prevents holding high volumes of fuel in one go, the secondary lighter works as a great backup.

Additionally, you will find the copper nozzle of each lighter can easily withstand a continuous flame over ten seconds without burning out.

That means with the support of the two cooling holes, the lighters cool down faster, preventing any long-lasting hardware damage.

What We Like

Unlike many other lights, the Urgrette Two-Pack Butane Torch Lighter comes with a built-in flame adjuster that is easily accessible.

We found that on full power, the lighter can support a continuous flame with a maximum height of 2.8 inches.

You can also easily adjust it by rotating the large valve on the bottom of the lighters.

What We Don’t Like

Despite the visible fuel window, you will find that the lighters run out of juice quickly, especially when used continuously.

While you can monitor fuel consumption and have a backup lighter, you will still need to refill on the go, making it inconvenient.


  • Two in one purchase
  • Compact and portable design
  • Sturdy metal casing
  • Convenient fuel tracking


  • Needs continuous monitoring for uninterrupted ignition

3. Kollea Torch Lighter

The blow torch design of the Kollea Torch Lighter makes it a uniquely powerful and ergonomic lighter that can easily uphold a steady flame in the outdoors.

The lighter’s inbuilt safety mechanisms make it one of the safest and secure lighters available today.

Product Highlights

The Kollea Torch Lighter is made with high-quality zinc alloy material with a hairline finish that ensures durability and longevity.

You can rest easy knowing that the powerful triple jet flames are housed in a sturdy yet compact case with adequate safety features.

There is a safety lock on the lighter’s side that prevents accidental ignition when flipped upwards in a locking action.

You will find that the lighter also has triple burners that combine in a uniform conical manner to provide targeted lighting.

Also, the flames are windproof, making the Kollea Torch Lighter a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts.

We also found that the lighter has a built-in punch cutter for cigar lovers to clip their stogies on the go.

What We Like

The Kollea Torch Lighter’s side safety locking mechanism makes this an ideal tool for people concerned about accidental ignition.

We also found the lighter’s overall durable construction impressive and well suited for outdoor usage.

The lightweight zinc alloy material is reinforced to enhance overall longevity so that the light can withstand the effects of weathering.

What We Don’t Like

Although the fuel tank is refillable, it is not transparent or visible, making it difficult to track fuel consumption.

Additionally, you need to use a screwdriver to adjust the height of the flame, making it inconvenient and limits overall utility.


  • Perfect for outdoor activities
  • Accident-free with safety lock
  • Not disposable 
  • Ergonomic design


  • Tedious to adjust the flame height
  • Difficult to track fuel consumption

4. TOPKAY Triple Jet Flame Torch Lighter

If you are looking for an extremely versatile yet superpower lighter, opting for the TOPKAY Torch Lighter will be a good idea.

Its triple turbo torch burners outperform on many levels.

For instance, they can easily work in harsh windy conditions and will not require fast refills.

Product Highlights

The first thing you will notice about the TOPKAY Torch Lighter is its compact and portable design, making it a great travel companion.

However, upon inspecting further, you will notice that this lighter is more than its ergonomic design.

For starters, there is a visible fuel tank that helps you keep track of your fuel consumption and refill the torch promptly.

You will also find that the TOPKAY Torch Lighter has a manually operated safety cap.

It prevents accidents by ensuring the lighter does not lit up unnecessarily.

When running at full capacity, the triple turbo burners can wreak havoc if not monitored.

That said, the sturdy flame is tameable with an adjustable knob that helps reduce the height of the flame and, in turn, conserve fuel.

We also found that this knob has a dual purpose and is also used to access the fuel tank when refilling it with butane gas.

What We Like

The ideal size and compact nature of the TOPKAY Torch Lighter make it an extremely versatile lighter.

You can easily take it for camping trips and use it to light up fireplaces and even BBQ machines.

Also, its high-capacity fuel tank conserves fuel and has a visible window to keep track of fuel consumption.

What We Don’t Like

Our least favorite feature of the TOPKAY Torch Lighter is its ignition button’s proximity to the turbojet flames.

Although the lighter has passed all safety inspections, we found this to be a fire hazard that can compromise your safety and lead to accidents.


  • Heavy-duty turbo jet flames
  • High capacity fuel tank
  • Multipurpose utility


  • Can lead to finger burns

5. Tomolo Torch Lighter

The Tomolo Torch Lighter is an affordable butane lighter that packs in more firepower than its counterparts.

Its sturdy built and innovative design are an added benefit to the adjustable height setting of the triple jet flames.

Product Highlights

At first glance, you will find that the Tomolo Torch Lighter has a simple user-friendly design, making it easily operable.

Despite its compact construction, it is built with zinc alloy material, ensuring durability and longevity.

You will find that the durable body allows the lighter to perform at its most optimal level without breaking down or compromising your safety.

Perhaps the Tomolo Torch Lighter’s most attractive feature is the powerful triple jet flames that allow a swift and simple lit-up.

Despite the high firepower, its convenient flame adjustment mechanism allows you to increase or reduce the height of the flame.

You can make these adjustments by following the simple plus and minus signs on the side, making this lighter easily comprehensible.

We also found that this cigar lighter comes with an inbuilt punch cutter that can easily pierce a 0.23-inch hole into the cap.

The Tomolo Torch Lighter’s dual-purpose design makes it a great travel companion because of its compact and portable nature.

What We Like

The lighter’s high firepower is very impressive, as are its adjustable settings for controlling the height of the flame.

The manufacturers built a monitoring system into the design by incorporating a transparent fuel tank to track your fuel consumption.

What We Don’t Like

A central issue with the Tomolo Torch Lighter is that it does not include separate fuel canisters in the packaging.

That means you need to purchase high-quality butane fuel in addition to the lighter, increasing overall costs.


  • Refillable fuel tank for reduced costs
  • Durable design
  • Transparent fuel tank for convenience 


  • Can overheat if used over fifteen seconds

Cigar Torch Lighter Buyer’s Guide

Finding the best cigar torch lighter that complements your personal needs and requirements can be a tedious task.

From reviewing the number of flames to the fuel tank’s capacity, many features require close consideration.

To help cut back on your research, we have listed essential features that you can consider when shopping for a lighter.

Number of Flames

The most common way of identifying a butane cigar torch lighter is by checking the number of flames that it emits.

This is an essential feature to consider against your personal needs and requirements.

  • Single Flame

Single flame lighters have a singular burner that is best suited for small fires and touch-up ignitions.

  • Dual Flame

A dual flame torch lighter works best with cigars that have a medium to a small length.

Some models tend to have windproof properties that allow comfortable usage in the outdoors.

  • Three Flame

Compared to single and double flame lighters, triple flame lighters are extremely powerful.

These models tend to have windproof properties and work best with thick and longer cigars.

Tank Size

The capacity of your fuel tank will determine how long the lighter can run without requiring a refill.

It is always recommended that you opt for lighters with a bigger fuel capacity tank since they will ensure longer runs.

It is speculated that the best lighters have a fuel tank that allows at least 500 uses before requiring a refill.

Still, this is not a valid calculation mode as most lighters allow adjusting the flame height wherein less gas gets consumed.

Flame Adjustment

While almost all cigar torch lighters have a flame adjustment knob, some models may even allow adjusting the shape or intensity of the flame.

Having control over the intensity and height of the flame helps prevent fuel wastage and ensures the user’s safety.

Cigar Torch Lighter FAQs

1. Are Torch Lighters Better for Cigars?

Lighting a cigar properly goes a long way in ensuring a fulfilling cigar smoking experience.

Similarly, choosing the right tool to help you achieve a perfect burn is also important since it will otherwise undermine your cigar.

The best way to decide whether torch lighters are better for lighting cigars is by understanding their impact on your overall experience.

Today, most cigar lighters utilize an odorless chemical known as butane that does not impact the cigar’s flavor or feel when burnt.

Additionally, torch lighters can produce concentrated flames that can be controlled and manipulated better than other elements.

2. Why Can’t You Light a Cigar With a Lighter?

A cigarette lighter is designed to produce a comparatively cooler flame that takes a long time to burn the head of the cigarette.

On the other hand, cigars take longer and need to light up faster to prevent unnecessary burning of tobacco.

This can otherwise impact the overall taste and also damage the tobacco leaves in the process.

Additionally, cigarette lighters are made up of chemicals that can directly affect the taste of the cigar when burnt off.

Similarly, you can not use candles and cardboard matches to light up a cigar as the chemical reaction upon combustion will taint the cigar’s essence.

3. Do You Need a Special Lighter for Cigars?

As mentioned, unlike cigarette lighters, cigar lighters are made with odorless butane gas that does not leave behind a funny taste.

Since cigars tend to take longer to burn, cigar lighters are built with intense firepower accumulated via multiple burners to light them up faster.

Therefore, using a special lighter for cigars is always better since it will help preserve the cigar’s integrity and define your overall experience.

4. Why Did My Torch Lighter Stop Working?

There are a couple of reasons why a cigar torch lighter may stop working.

For starters, you may want to check the level of butane gas in the tank as less gas can prevent your lighter from working adequately.

Additionally, a clogged burner can prevent the lighter from working.

Hence, we recommend having your lighter serviced promptly to ensure smooth and efficient functionality.

You should also keep a lookout for air bubbles that may form in the tank and prevent the lighter from working properly.

In either case, it is always a good idea to empty the lighter and refill it with a new batch of high-quality lighter butane gas.

5. Can You Use an Electric Lighter for Cigars?

Although you can use an electric lighter for lighting up your cigar, it is most often discouraged for a couple of reasons.

For instance, electric lighters are powered by lithium-ion batteries that can not produce a flame as intense as a gaslighter.

Thus, electric lighters may take longer than gas lighters which could compromise the taste of the cigar.

What Is the Best Cigar Torch Lighter?

We found the TOMOLO Torch Lighter to be the best cigar torch lighter for various reasons.

For starters, the intensity of its triple jet flames exceeded performance standards on every level.

It also has an inbuilt convenient flame adjustment mechanism and a visible fuel tank to monitor fuel consumption easily.

Finally, this lighter has a punch cutter integrated into the design to clip your favorite stogie easily.

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