Best Cigar Travel Cases to Purchase in 2021

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A cigar travel case is quite a nice present for a cigar-smoking friend or even for yourself, to keep your cigars safe and humid. To find the right one is also not that easy and will take up a lot of your time.

In this review, we take a look at some of these nice cigar travel cases that come included with a humidifier. So keep on reading to find out about the best cigar travel cases if you want to know what type of case to buy for yourself or as a present for friends and family.

Comparison Chart

Mantello Travel Cigar Case
Best Choice
Mrs. Brog Waterproof Travel Cigar Case
Best Price
Xikar Cigar Travel Carrying Case
Largest Capacity

Best Cigar Travel Cases Reviews

Portable Cigar Travel Case From Montello Cigars

This very handy cigar case and humidor comes with all the necessary tools included to make your cigar smoking much easier and more convenient.


This cigar travel case will easily house 5 cigars of up to 52 ring gauge and up to 7 inches long. This means the case is perfect to be used for your Churchill size cigars as well as for most cigars on the market.

Included with the cigar carry case from Montello Cigars, you get a lot of extras to complete your cigar smoking experience. These extras include two different sizes of ring gauge cutters as well as a v-cutter and a cigar punch.

It is also designed with quite a rugged construction and comes with a waterproof feature of up to 100 feet. You have a built-in humidifier included with this carry case to keep your cigars from drying out and start cracking.

Unfortunately, this case can not be stored upside down, or the humidor will leak onto your cigars and ruin them. So this means you need to take extra care when traveling with your cigars inside this carry case.

You also need to season the humidifier before you can use it for the purpose it is supposed to be used. This will take some time, and it might not be ideal to buy this carry case while traveling or if you urgently need one.


  • Great for Churchill size cigars
  • The case is crash-proof for added protection
  • Comes with a waterproof feature
  • Strong and durable materials used


  • The case can not be stored upside down
  • Humidifier needs seasoning before use


Travel Cigar Case From Pardo Cigar

This carry case for your cigars comes with quite a nice design and finish to display well when you use it on your travels.


This cigar carry case from Pardo cigar comes equipped with strong latches to securely close the case and make it waterproof. It will also prevent it from accidentally opening and spilling your cigars all over the place so your cigars won’t dry out or become damage.

With foam cushioning included on the inside of the carry case, it provides further protection for all of your cigars. It is also designed to be crash-proof to prevent any accidental damage to your cigars while it is in storage.

It is made from strong and durable materials to make the cigar carry case more durable to last for many years. With the superior design and finish of this cigar case, you can easily use it in public to show it off.

Unfortunately, the humidor is only suitable to be used for short term travel so you cannot use it for very long trips. This is not good for the times you have to go on lengthy travels where you need to stay over for long periods.

It also does not have a very large interior space, so you can only store 3 to 4 large gauge cigars at a time. It is quite suitable for the much thinner cigar sizes, so you might consider that.


  • Strong latches included for improved security
  • Foam cushioning included to help protect cigars
  • Made from strong and durable materials
  • Well designed for improved aesthetics


  • Humidor only suitable for short term travels
  • Will only hold 4 large cigars


Waterproof Travel Cigar Case With Humidor From Mrs. Brog

This strong and durable case is just what you need to keep your cigars safe while traveling in very harsh environments.


The cigar carry case provided by Mrs. Brog will easily hold quite long cigar types safe and secure. That means you do not need to go for the shorter sticks when you are traveling, but instead can have any size you want.

The very strong clasps will seal the case tightly to make it waterproof for improved protection for your cigars while traveling. Also inserted into the cigar carry case is custom urethane foam that will keep your cigars protected all the time.

The high-quality materials used for the construction of the cigar case will make it last for a very long time. It will even float on water when those nasty accidents happen while you are traveling or wherever you may be.

However there is one problem, and that is the same clasps that seal it tightly will also make it difficult to open the case. While struggling to open this tightly sealed case, the cigars may spill out with a sudden opening of the lid.

It also does not have a wide interior space, so you can only store a maximum of 5 large ring gauge cigars inside it. This is not suitable for those people who have a lot of golfing friends or need to take a long trip.


  • Will easily hold long cigars
  • Clasps seal the case tightly shut
  • Will float in the water
  • Comes with custom urethane foam


  • Have quite a small interior space
  • It is a bit difficult to open the case


250Xi Cigar Travel Carry Case From Xikar

This large and secured cigar travel case is great for those who have a lot of friends or quite a large family of cigar smokers.


This cigar travel case from Xikar comes with quite a large interior space to hold those extra-long cigars safe and secure. It will easily hold up to 40 large ring gauge cigars to provide you with a constant supply of cigars.

With a very strong molded ABS plastic construction of the cigar travel case, your cigars will be safe and secure. It also comes with very strong stainless steel hinges and latch hinges to keep everything safe from damage inside the case.

This cigar travel case is crash-proof, watertight, as well as airtight, and it comes with a humidifier included to keep your cigars perfect. It can also be locked to keep your cigars safe with the molded lock rings attached to the cigar travel case.

Unfortunately, this very large cigar travel case comes with quite a high price tag attached to it. This means it will be out of reach of those people who work with quite a tight budget.

It is also quite heavy and large, so you will need extra space to store your cigar travel case safely. This means you can not store it close at hand while traveling and it might be too heavy to be carried by a small person.


  • Great features included with this cigar case
  • Strong and very durable construction
  • Molded lock ring included for security purpose
  • Comes with a very large interior space


  • It is quite pricey
  • This cigar case is a bit on the heavy side


Premium Leather Cigar Travel Case From Amancy

This beautiful and nicely constructed leather cigar carry case comes with great features and extras included to make your life much easier.


With the very nicely organized interior storage space, there is a place for everything you need to have a good experience. This means all the extras such as the lighter and cutter have their own space as well as ample space for your cigars.

Strong, high-quality material is used with the construction of this cigar travel case to make it quite durable to last longer. This means your cigar travel case will provide you many hours of great traveling with your cigars and accessories.

The humidifier included with your cigar carry case will help keep your cigars from becoming dried out or cracking. The lighter that is included with this very handy set comes with a built-in cigar punch to make it even easier for you.

This carry case is made from leather that is glued, so you may want to air out the glue and leather smell. You need to do that before you place your cigars in it because tobacco easily absorbs flavors and odors.

It also comes with quite a small interior space that will hold only 4 cigars in the allotted space. You will also not be able to stock the longer cigar types in this cigar carry case from Amancy.


  • Very well designed to display nicely
  • Strong, high-quality materials used
  • Some extras included with the cigar case
  • Nicely organized interior storage


  • Might come with a leather and glue smell
  • Will only hold up to 4 cigars



As number one we choose the Montello Portable Cigar travel case and humidor with all the extras included as well as ample space. This kit comes included with a cigar and 2 sizes of cutters as well as a V-shape cutter to make it a complete set.

As the runner-up, we chose a cheaper option that has lots of space: the Mrs. Brog waterproof travel cigar case. This one can hold up to 5 larger gauge cigars at a time.

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