16 Best Gifts for Cigar Lovers for 2021

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When buying a gift for your cigar-loving friend, it may be difficult to decide what to get them… aside from cigars, of course. However, there are loads of cigar accessories available that will be sure to delight the most enthusiastic of cigar lovers, ranging from quirky to exceptionally useful. Read on to find out how to truly surprise and treat your cigar-enthusiast friend with the best gifts for cigar lovers.

16 Best Gifts for Cigar Lovers: Our Top Picks

Wooden Cigar Ashtray and Whisky Tray

This product is perfect for both lovers of cigars and whiskey enthusiasts. It features a raised wooden tray to hold whiskey, a stainless steel-bottomed ashtray, and a cigar holder to boot. On top of bringing two pleasures together, this dark brown, camphor wood tray has a decorative quality to it and could work well as an ornamental piece in any room.

Spills and stains can be easily cleaned up, as the product has been painted in a protective layer that allows the product to be cleaned effectively with a wet wipe.

This product puts convenience first, isn’t too expensive, and is an ideal gift for all cigar lovers.

Whiskey Glass With Top Mounted Cigar Holder

This gift, designed by Ruckus Creations, is a little on the quirky side but still exudes elegance. It has a cigar holder incorporated into an indent in the glass itself. This sleek design looks impressive in use and keeps both the pleasure of cigars and the pleasure of whiskey as close together as possible.

The cigar being wedged into the glass ensures easy, smooth access at all times. Although the cigar is touching the glass, it is not susceptible to condensation and will remain dry.

This glass can fit most cigars. However, some of the bigger sized ones may struggle to fit into the indent.

Scotte Cigar Case Humidor Gift Box

For cigar lovers either on the move or in need of a place to keep their cigars from becoming dry, this Cigar Case Humidor is a very thoughtful and useful gift. With a much bigger capacity than normal cigar holders, this humidor can store up to five cigars at a time.

The tube’s cap is made from elegant, smooth wood, and the hygrometer is found in the center. This hygrometer allows users to keep an eye on the humidity of the cigars.

This tube itself is made of strong borosilicate glass, which feels strong and durable, and the product comes with an outer tote bag made from rugged diving material. Although the glass is tough, be sure to be careful while handling the humidor.

The Ultimate Cigar Book: 4th Edition

This best-selling hardcover book will turn a cigar lover into a cigar expert. Covering the entire history of cigars, from the 15th-century origin of cigars right up to present-day production, this book is a highly informative, well-written, and enjoyable read.

This book will also teach readers what to expect from a perfect cigar, about all the different brands and types of cigars, how to smoke a cigar, and what whiskeys to drink alongside what type of cigar. Given how wide this book’s subject matter is, it is probably the most comprehensive literature on cigars available.

Whiskey Stones Gift Set With Cigar Cutter & Cigar Ashtray

This stylish and elegant gift set will provide a cigar and whiskey lover with accessories they’ve never realized they needed. It comes with six FDA-approved whiskey chilling stones, a flashy cigar cutter, and a sleek granite ashtray.

The chilling stones and the ashtray are all made of granite, ensuring that each pack comes with a unique set of each. The granite used is also solid and will not break easily, so much so that it could even be used outdoors.

Of course, no cigar enthusiast should be without a high-quality cigar cutter, and the one provided in this set meets and exceeds that requirement. With a sharp blade, this cutter will ensure all cigars are cut evenly. It is worth noting that the blade, however, is exceptionally sharp, and may cause an injury if used incorrectly.

This product is one of the more expensive gifts. However, this is justified by the number of accessories that are included.

Cigar Case Flask Combo

Another gift for those who love cigars as much as they love convenience, this Cigar Case Flask Combo does exactly what it says in the title and is the perfect way to store and consume both whiskey and cigars while on the move.

This product minimizes bag or pocket space by combining both whiskey and cigars in one container. This case only holds two cigars at a time, however, and only 46 ring cigars maximum – it does not have the capacity for anything more.

Regardless, this is a stylish and sleek product that would certainly be appreciated by any cigar lover.

These trinkets are perfect for the cigar lover who wants to show off their obsession in an elegant and tasteful way. The perfect novelty gift, these cufflinks offer a unique way to sharpen up a suit and are suitable for any occasion, including weddings and business meetings.

Very reasonably priced, these cufflinks are well made and durable, and they will keep your French cuffs fastened together.

They come in a hard-edged display box, complete with a polishing cloth, which makes for a perfect place to store them when they are not in use.

Perfecto Cigar Holder

A nifty piece, Tara Investments’ Perfecto Cigar Holder is for the cigar lover who loves versatile gifts, as this holder can clip on to nearly anything! Apart from being able to clip onto boats, benches, tables, and chairs, the Perfecto Cigar Holder also doubles up as a convenient portable ashtray.

Made exclusively from nylon to ensure minimum risk of breaking, melting, or discoloration, the Perfecto Cigar Holder can truly be used anywhere. Unlike other cigar-related gifts, this product does not have a size limitation and can fit any kind of cigar.

One arguable drawback is that the Perfecto appears to be bulkier than you’d expect and can therefore be cumbersome to handle at times.

Cigarloong Cigar Punch

This sophisticated device from Cigarloong perfectly removes the center of your cigar tip and ensures a perfectly smooth smoking experience. This cigar punch achieves a clean cut, unlike its competitors, and will not leave a tobacco mess.

Comfortable to hold, the vintage pattern that decorates the punch allows for maximum grip when handling and is the perfect size to slip into your pocket.

The cigar punch also comes with two options for the hole size, one located on either end. The bigger size is 0.35”, and the smaller one is 0.27”, rendering this device compatible with various sizes of cigars.

This cigar punch, however, can very easily cause injury if mishandled. Be sure to hold the punch in the middle when cutting cigars.

Cigar Dossier

Cigar lovers love to keep note of the cigars they’ve enjoyed, and this cigar dossier is the perfect place to do so. This compact journal is easy to carry around, and with 600 spaces to fill with cigars you’ve tried, it is sure to last even the most avid of cigar fans for a long time.

Each page can necessitate your logs for four separate cigars, and there’s even space for you to insert your cigar labels. This turns simple logging into an exciting way of collecting different brands of cigars.

The black cover with gold leaf inscription gives the dossier a look of elegance. The fact that the dossier is hardback, however, may be an inconvenience to some when filling it out.

Yusud Quadruple Jet Torch Cigar Lighter

This red-flamed torch lighter is perfect for those who want to ensure a perfectly even burn for their cigar every time. This flame is rotational, so it can be set in whatever direction the user feels comfortable with. The flame size itself is also adjustable by turning the gas dial.

This product also comes equipped with a handy cigar punch on the opposite side of the torch head, ensuring even further convenience to the cigar user. This punch only offers one size, however.

The jet torch’s zinc alloy exterior makes for a stylish looking gadget. A torch cover is also attached to the device, which can be used to keep the torch safe when not in use. This gadget can also be refilled if it runs out.

Cigar Minder Clip

This cigar holder is extremely cheap in comparison to its competitors and provides a handy place to hold cigars. The spring itself is light, which ensures that the structure of the cigar is maintained.

Available in a variety of colors, this cigar clip is also capable of holding all sizes of cigars and can hold cigars as big as a 54-ring gauge. This product is also versatile in that it can fit onto any surface and is specifically recommended for golfing trips.

The main downside of this product is its material. Being plastic, it is slightly more susceptible to breakage and damage than its competitors. Also because of this, it may not be as stylish as some other clips that are available.

Cigar Lounge Metal Sign

Ideal for the man cave, this 16” sign is perfect for cigar lovers. With rounded edges and pre-cut holes to ensure easy hanging, this sign is sturdy, features a black and white vintage font, and will suit wherever the cigar lover decides to hang it.

The steel frame is eco-friendly, feels well-made, is coated in polyester, and will last a long time if used indoors. One downside is that it is only designed for indoor use and will quickly fade if left outside.

Hot Sox Slack Crew Socks

This novelty product is sure to make any cigar fanatic smile. It comes with a creative cigar and whiskey design, and it is made with comfortable cotton and polyester.

Perfect for anyone wanting to express their love of cigars and/or whiskey, these socks come in both black and cognac colors, and they complement most trousers and shoes.

Normally, gimmicky socks tend to be of lesser quality, but these socks are thick and feel rugged enough to last for a long time. These socks are only available as a size 6-12.

Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier

If you want to go all out in buying a gift for your cigar-loving friend, consider purchasing this Hathaspace air purifier, which will ensure that the receiver can smoke as much as they like while keeping the surrounding air purified and clean.

This air purifier specializes in capturing the dirt in the air that cannot be seen, and in doing so, you are producing a cleaner smelling room.

The major benefit of this device is that it requires little adjustments, as it can sense automatically when pollutants are in the air and will adjust its fan in order to purify.

This is majorly beneficial to the cigar aficionado, as they can smoke as much as they please without the smell bothering others in the room or otherwise nearby.

This machine can be quite loud on full mode. However, it can be put in sleep mode. It is also bulky and difficult to move around.

OILP Cigar Ashtray Metal

This contemporary ashtray may be expensive, but it boasts an eye-catching design, impeccable sturdiness, and four cigar rests, which make for the ultimate social cigar experience.

The top of the ashtray is metal, making it perfectly durable against excessive use. The metal top also makes it very easy to clean. The bottom of the ashtray is wooden, which may pose a problem if used outside, as it may swell up if it gets wet. If kept inside, however, this ashtray will definitely last a long time.

The metal top also gives this ashtray a weightiness, meaning that it cannot be knocked over easily.

Overall, it’s a great piece for the social cigar user.


We hope you have found our varied and extensive list of potential gifts for cigar lovers useful. Hopefully, you now have plenty of ideas for what to get them for future Christmas and birthdays. We highly recommend the cigar dossier, because who doesn’t love keeping things organized? However, any of these options would be a fantastic choice.

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