Case Elegance Glass Top Handcrafted Cigar Humidor Review

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There is nothing worse than open up your cigar case to find that they have been ruined due to excess humidity. That is why cigar humidors, such as this one from Case Elegance are so popular, and in our review, we will explain more about what more it has to offer, than just keeping cigars in the best condition possible.

Case Elegance Glass Top Handcrafted Cigar Humidor

Case Elegance

As the brand name Case Elegance might suggest this is a company that creates beautifully crafted cases and humidors for storing items such as watches, jewelry, and, of course, cigars.

Their range of cigar humidors is significant, and this particular glass top version is one of their bestselling products.

It has been on sale since 2018, and in that time the vast majority of reviews have been positive, and by the far, the most common are 5-star reviews, which bodes well for its quality.

One variation of this specific cigar humidor is that a monogram can be added to the glass top for a small additional cost.

Who is This Product For?

The most obvious group of people who will find this product desirable are those who smoke cigars and wish to have a receptacle that will keep their cigars free from any reduction in their quality due to moisture ingress from humidity.

In addition, those that also wish their cigar humidor to show off their cigars in the most elegant way will be interested in looking at this case.

Given, the handcrafting and glass display top, plus the option to have in monogrammed, this will also make an ideal gift for all kinds of occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and indeed any other celebration where a gift is appropriate.

What’s Included?

Although a cigar humidor is a relatively straightforward product, in terms of the fact it is a wooden box, it does come with some accessories which you will use with it. You should also receive a hydro tray and a wooden tray, a gel solution, a bottle of humidor solution, and a hydro stick.

Overview of Features

One look at this cigar humidor tells you it is one which has been made to look as classy as can be, and Case Elegance has certainly created a thing of beauty.

The glass top adds to that, and bear in mind you also have the option to have it monogrammed for that finishing touch.

On a practical level, the box is magnetically sealed which always helps keeps cigars in top condition.

The Spanish cedar inlay provides the perfect interior for keeping humidity optimized. Helping you in that task is the accessory kit that comes with the humidor. This includes trays and solutions as well as a hydro stick.

On the front of the humidor, you will see the hygrometer, meaning you can always check whether or not the humidor is doing what it should be, and whether that’s at optimum levels or not.

Finally, there is an accessory tray which you can use to keep the accessories and any other tools you use for smoking your cigars, such as a cutter or lighter.

How to Use It

Rather than explaining in writing how you should use your cigar humidor, it would be much better if you could actually see what you should do. So, on that note, here a link to a video explaining how to set up the Case Elegance Glass Top Cigar Humidor.

Here is some important advice for ensuring your cigar humidor works as well as possible:

  • You should try to keep the temperature at or as near to 70°F as you can
  • In the winter, ensure you fill the hydro tray up as often as you can to help humidity levels at optimum levels
  • If you live in an area that is especially dry, you may need to fill the hydro tray more frequently
  • Boveda humidity control packs are not recommended for use with this cigar humidor


  • Glass top
  • Magnetically sealed
  • Spanish cedar inlay
  • Digital hygrometer
  • Accessory storage drawer


  • Latch can be tight when opening
  • Glass smears very easily


Case Elegance

If you love the craftsmanship and quality which Case Elegance has achieved with this cigar humidor but want one that does not have a glass top, then here is a great alternative for you.

It is the Case Elegance Handcrafted Cherry Finish Cigar Humidor, and as with the glass top version, it has a hydrometer on the front.  It also seals magnetically, has real Spanish cedar inlays, and for those who would like to save some money to spend on buying cigars, it also costs about 40% less.


It may not be one of the biggest humidors but is undoubtedly one of the classiest. The glass top lets you see your cigars in all their glory, the accessory drawer is very useful, and the finish on the exterior is exceptional.

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