Case Elegance Monogrammed Carbon Fiber Cigar Humidor Review

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Case Elegance has a fine reputation for the quality of the cigar humidors they create, and with this one, instead of the wood finish that you would normally expect to see, they have used a carbon fiber one. This not only gives this humidor a very distinctive and modern look, but it also provides premium protection for it too.

Case Elegance Monogrammed Carbon Fiber Cigar Humidor

Case Elegance Monogrammed Carbon Fiber Cigar Humidor

Case Elegance would seem the perfect name for a company that produces high-quality cigar humidors, and the fact is that they live up to name, unlike some manufacturers.

With this carbon fiber cigar humidor, they have moved away from the normal wood finishes, but that hasn’t stopped those who have purchased this product from overwhelmingly giving it positive reviews.

Who is This Product For?

The first group of people who will appreciate this cigar humidor are those who want a nicely designed humidor, and who perhaps prefer a modern look versus the more traditional appearance that most humidors have. Those that also prefer a minimalist look will also find this appealing.

This will also make a great gift for any cigar smoker so while you yourself might not smoke cigars, if there is a family member or friend you know who does, then we are sure they would love to receive this from you as a gift. The fact it can also be monogrammed makes it an even more personal gift too.

What’s Included?

Inside the packaging will be the cigar humidor, but inside that, you will find the other items which you need. These include a hydro stick, a bottle of humidor solution, a bottle of gel solution, a wooden tray, and a hydro tray.

Overview of Features

If we start with the most obvious aspect of this cigar humidor, and that is its exterior, we can see that, rather than the wood which 95% of humidors are normally finished in, this one has carbon fiber.

Apart from it being more able to withstand bumps and any potential scratches, it gives this humidor a very modern look, which is enhanced further by the metal trimming, and monogram panel.

That monogram panel is another feature of this humidor, which although already a great gift, is made an even better one when it is personalized by someone’s initials.

The interior, as you would expect in a quality cigar humidor, is made from real Spanish cedar, which is the wood most suitable for helping to keep humidity optimized.

Also, within the box, you have the wooden and hydro trays which come with the humidor and supplement the humidity optimization with the help of the supplied gel solution

At the front of the humidor, there is a digital hygrometer so that you can check how well the humidor is keeping the humidity levels to the correct levels.

This is housed in a small, but nonetheless, attractive metal frame. The clip for the humidor is also metal which matches the hygrometer frame.

Case Elegance is well known for the magnetic seal which they use in their humidors, and this one is no different. This seal helps to keep the box firmly closed and thus avoid excess moisture from outside accessing your cigars.

How to Use It

Rather than you having to read the instructions we thought it would serve you better if we simply directed to this video which shows you how to set up the Case Elegance Cigar Humidor so that you can see it being done.


  • Modern design
  • Carbon-fiber exterior
  • Spanish cedar interior
  • Patented hydro system
  • Can be monogrammed
  • Great value for money


Hygrometer accuracy is questionable


case elegance cigar humidor

If you prefer a carbon fiber exterior like the one this humidor from Case Elegance has but want one with a glass top so you can your cigars, then we have a great alternative for you.

It is the Bald Eagle Carbon Fiber Cigar Humidor, and as you will see when you click the link, it literally provides you with a small display case for your cigars. It has a digital hygrometer fitted on the front, real Spanish cedar wood interior, and a humidifier.

It also makes a great gift, and while its capacity is less than the Case Elegance humidor, it can still hold up to 30 cigars.


This cigar humidor from Case Elegance ticks lots of boxes (excuse the pun) for those who want a functional and effective humidor for their cigars, but also one which provides a modern look.

Its simplistic appearance belies how well it functions, and for anyone looking for the ideal gift for the cigar smoker in their life, this is perfect, especially as it can be monogrammed for that personal touch.

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