Ducihba Handcrafted Desktop Cigar Humidor Review

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We come now to this Ducihba Cigar Humidor which is another that is every bit as much a display item, as it is a functioning product keeping cigars protected.

Whether it is bought for personal use, or as a gift, its cherry finish is going to appeal to however uses it and sees it.

Ducihba Handcrafted Desktop Cigar Humidor

Ducihba Handcrafted Desktop Cigar Humidor

We’ll be upfront and say that this appears to be the only cigar humidor that Ducihba produces, but given its popularity, they certainly have created a winner.

It has proved to be hugely popular and the reviews back that up with the vast majority of them being positive.

It is a relative newcomer to the market, having only been on sale since mid-2019, but in that short time, it has been proven to a cigar humidor that lots of cigar smokers love.

Who is his Product For?

There are cigar smokers who simply enjoy their cigars, and then there are those who absolutely cherish them. For that second group, the opportunity to display their cigars is not one to be missed which is why the glass top in this humidor is bound to appeal.

Those who might be a bit more down to earth with regards to what they store their cigars in will nevertheless welcome this humidor’s ability to keep their cigars in optimum conditions.

As with all cigar humidors, we look to see if this would qualify as a gift, and it does so in a big way.

Its cherry finish and the fact it is handcrafted makes this a display piece and will thus surely be received gratefully by any cigar smoker this is gifted to.

What’s Included?

When you receive your package the main items inside will obviously be the Ducihba Cigar Humidor. However, when you open that you should also expect to find inside 1 x humidifier, 1 x hygrometer, 1 x divider (cedar), and the instructions.

Overview of Features

The whole point of having a humidor is to keep cigars as they should be, and not affected by excess humidity on the one hand, or dryness on the other. This humidor from Ducihba achieves that, thanks to the humidifier, but more importantly, the real Spanish cedar wood interior.

While the cedar wood is doing its work inside, the cherry colored finish on the exterior is doing its job, in terms of making this a very attractive humidor. This is helped in part by the brass trim, but also the glass top. This turns the humidor into a display for your cigars, and thus allows it to sit on any desk or bureau.

On the front, there is a hygrometer housed in the brass trim we mentioned which once again is a feature that has a function, but which also adds to the overall visual appeal of this cigar humidor.

How to Use It

There is not really a lot required in terms of setting this up, but we will go through them, nonetheless.

The divider and humidifier need to be positioned inside the humidor. Normally, that means on the left-hand side, leaving a large space for the storage of your cigars on the right. Thereafter, the hygrometer will need to be slotted into its round slot in the front of the humidor.

As a visual check to see if the humidor is at the correct humidity levels you should check the hygrometer regularly. The optimum level is 70%.

Above this, there is too much humidity in the box, below this and it is too dry. If it does drop below, try adding distilled water to the humidifier. If too high, then you should dry off any excess moisture inside

Other than the occasional wipe with a dry cloth to remove any dust from the exterior surfaces, there is not really any other maintenance required.


  • Cherry finish on the exterior
  • Spanish cedar interior
  • Glass top for displaying cigars
  • Cedar divider
  • Brass trim


  • Hygrometer prone to faults
  • No gel or solution supplied


Ducihba Handcrafted Desktop Cigar Humidor

If you like the idea of a glass top styled cigar humidor, but want one which offers you a bit more, then the Case Elegance Handcrafted Cigar Humidor is an excellent alternative to this one.

It obviously has a glass top, but instead of an analog hygrometer, it has a digital one. It also has a very convenient drawer which is ideal for storing your cigar accessories. There is also an option to have it monogrammed for those that want to personalize it.


This may not come from one of the better-known cigar humidor manufacturers, but that doesn’t stop it being one that works well and looks very attractive. That attraction comes from its classic design, cherry finish, and the glass top which give it a look more akin to a display case, and thus into an ideal gift.

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