How To Cut a Torpedo Cigar: Essential Facts You Need To Know

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Cigars are available in distinct forms, unique shapes, and varying flavors.

As cigar non-enthusiasts may see it as simply a part of aesthetics or branding, the way a cigar is formed and shaped means so much more.

With the diversity in cigars come a lot of options to cut them. Every shape has a cut recommended for an optimal experience.

For instance, a smoker should know how to cut a torpedo cigar to get the full flavor and keep its integrity intact throughout the session.

Cutting too much from the cigar will leave your mouth with tobacco fibers and may unravel your cigar as you smoke.

If you are new to smoking figured-shaped cigars like torpedo cigars, below are a few things you need to know.

How To Cut a Torpedo Cigar: A Definitive Guide To Getting the Perfect Cut

If you have a torpedo cigar with you, you know that it costs more than other types of cigars.

Since it requires mastery to roll, it also requires the know-how to cut a torpedo cigar to make it worth every penny.

Figurados, Belicosos, or Pyramids, also known as figured or mini-torpedo-shaped cigars, are tapered at the head and oval-shaped on the other end.

This is to have the smoke and flavor in full concentration when it hits your palate.

With this design, learning how to cut it correctly is critical.

Improperly cutting it can cause its content to fall off your mouth as you use it or may unravel the entire cigar and make your attempt futile.

Things To Keep in Mind

There are different ways to cut a torpedo cigar, and below are some pointers for you to remember.

  • Know the Parts of Your Cigar

Before cutting, determine the cigar’s head and check to see if it is capped or not.

Placing the cigar in a humidor will keep the cigar moist and in its best shape for usage anytime.

While it is possible to use plain scissors or your teeth to cut cigars, always go for proper cutters for a straight and clean cut.

Doing so can cause uneven draws and jagged edges, which can jeopardize your entire experience.

  • Don’t Cut Too Much

When in doubt about how much or how far to cut, always go less than you think should be cut.

It is easier to adjust and cut gradually than cutting too much and wasting a fine cigar.

  • Get the Right Accessories

Check out physical or online stores for the right cigar accessories in cutting and storage.

How To Cut a Torpedo Cigar With a Straight Cutter

Enthusiasts usually use any type of straight cutter.

This can be in the form of cigar scissors, single guillotine, or double guillotine.

The goal is to cut it without sacrificing the drawing quality and cigar integrity. 

Here are the steps for a clean cut.

Step #1: Check

Determine if your torpedo cigar is capped or not.

Locate the cap and check if the cigar has seams to guide you with cutting.

Step #2: Moisten (Optional)

If you prefer moistening your cap before cutting, you can do so.

Some folks place it in their mouth, dab it with whiskey, scotch, or any spirit they prefer, or dab it with plain water.

You can skip and move on from this step if you do not want it done that way.

Step #3: Estimate

Some prefer cutting an inch’s quarter initially and then gradually cutting it until they get the perfect cut.

Once you have decided how far you are cutting, position the cigar in a leveled position.

Step #4: Secure

Secure the cigar in the right location and push the blades enough just to make sure they rest in the blade.

Be cautious when doing it to not push too hard, so you have room to cut. 

Align the blade and cigar as necessary.

cutting a torpedo cigar

Step #5: Cut

Cut the cigar in a swift and sharp movement.

By being quick to do it, you get a cleaner cut and end.

 Step #6: Blow

After cutting, you can then proceed to get rid of loose bits and fibers by blowing on them.

Be careful not to blow too hard on it to make sure its contents remain intact as you use it.

Step #7: Test

Your cigar is now ready for a test draw. 

If you feel that the draw is too tight for you, you can start cutting small segments until you reach your desired draw.

How To Cut a Torpedo Cigar at an Angle

This may not be a typical practice, but some people still choose to do it.

People make an angled cut on their torpedo cigar to preserve their cigar’s taper.

With this cut, you get a more extensive area exposed and may give you a better draw.

The only downside for this would be that there is a possibility of getting an uneven burn.

The cut may not let the cigar pull the air equally as it passes through.

Still, doing this technique is easy; all you have to do is cut the cigar at about a 45-degree angle.

Do it with swift and sharp action to make sure you get a clean cut on its end.

How To Cut a Torpedo Cigar With a V-Cutter

A V-cut is also referred to as a wedge cut or a cat’s eye.


This technique involves pulling the smoke from the top area and the bottom area of the cigar equally.

This then combines directly and streams into your palate with an intense and concentrated taste and flavor.

This is one of the reasons cigar enthusiasts go for this instead of other cutting methods.

Using a v-cutter to cut your torpedo cigar will give you one with a V-shaped head or, sometimes, a wedge.

This is commonly done to get a good and wide area to have a clean draw.

Enthusiasts advise to hold and cut the cigar with the label faced away from you.

They also advise you to start cutting a few millimeters first and then gradually adjusting it until you get a better draw.

This is to make sure you do not cut too deep and far at the cost of ruining a fine cigar.


While this technique opens doors for benefits such as a wider draw, it also comes with downsides.

With this technique, there is a possibility of giving you a bigger draw than what is ideal.

This ends up with the cigar smoke being too hot when puffed. Regardless, the choice will always be up to you.

The Cutter of Choice

When it comes to choosing a v-cutter, experts recommend those with inverted blades.

An inverted blade has a reversed cutter tip and does not end at a sharp point. 

Modern v-cutters come with inverted blades, but there are still traditional ones in the market.

If you happen to be working with the standard v-cutter, you have to practice extra care because there is a tendency to crack the cigar’s cap if too much pressure is applied while using it.

The Steps

Cutting a torpedo cigar with a v-cutter is pretty easy. All you got to do is read on and follow these steps.

Step #1: Hold

Hold the v-cutter using your dominant hand and the cigar on the other. 

Make sure that the ends are pulled open.

Step #2: Position

Position the cigar in the v-cutter’s indentation.

Try not to place the head of the cigar far too deep into the cutter to prevent wedging or cutting it too big.

Step #3: Cut

As you align and adjust the cigar properly, secure it and squeeze both ends of the cutter in a swift and quick motion.

Step 4: Blow

Remove loose bits by lightly blowing on the wedge or by tapping it on an ashtray.

Some people are curious as to whether they should cut their torpedo cigars using a punch cutter or not.

While this is possible, it is strongly advised to use the appropriate cutter for this cigar type.

They do not recommend utilizing a punch cutter because it is not designed and effective in cutting into tapered cigars.

The risk of using one is that the cigar’s head may be severed completely.

Just as biting is not advised, this too should be avoided if possible. 


Having a humidor full of the finest cigars is one of the best things one can have.

Whether you are doing it for the first time or doing it as a form of recreation, it is essential to make the most out of the experience.

The best way to maximize a fine cigar is to know the entire process of properly doing it.

Knowing the basic to advanced knowledge on cigars can help you get the best even in regular cigars.

All you need is the right skill and accessories to get you through it.

Now that you have learned different ways to cut cigars like torpedoes, it is now time for you to equip and prepare yourself with the right tools and skills to do it.

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