Mantello Large Glass-Top Cigar Humidor Review

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Those that desire a cigar humidor that can accommodate up to 100 cigars, and which has a visual appeal too, will want to check out this one from Mantello Cigars. It has the capacity they wish for, plus its glass top and rosewood finish makes it a very attractive item.

Mantello Large Glass-Top Cigar Humidor

Mantello Large Glass-Top Cigar Humidor

Mantello Cigars appear to be a brand that operates entirely on Amazon and given that is where more people shop for cigar humidors than anywhere else, it seems logical.

They certainly have an impressive array of cigar-related products which should surprise nobody given their brand has the word ‘Cigars’ in it. Those products include cigar cutters, ashtrays, cases, lighters, and, of course, humidors.

This particular humidor is the largest one in their range in terms of size and capacity, and since it first went on sale in 2016, it has not only been one of the top-selling products of its type, it has also obtained a significant number of 5-star reviews.

Who is This Product For?

With a capacity of up to 100 cigars, it is certainly going to appeal greatly to those who have a large number of cigars that they wish to store, and with its tray and divider, those that want to keep them separated into brands will be happy too.

The appeal of this humidor is not just its size though. The finish on both the exterior and interior makes it a very attractive product, and one which could be regarded as being worthy of sitting on desks or lounge tables.

As always with cigar humidors, the option of buying this for someone else as a gift exists, and this is particularly going to be a very welcome gift for the aforementioned cigar smokers, whose cigar collection, in terms of numbers, is heading for triple digits.

What’s Included?

As with most humidors, when your package arrives do not expect dozens of items to turn up. What you will receive is the humidor, a humidifier, the tray, and the divider.

Overview of Features

Two major appeals of this humidor from Mantello are its capacity and its appearance, so we’ll begin with the former. It can hold up to 100 cigars but obviously that will be subject to the size of cigars being stored. However, even if they are larger cigars, it should still comfortably hold 50 of them

As for its appearance, there are several aspects that contribute to that, starting with the overall finish of the humidor which is rosewood. Add to that the gold-plated styling of the lock and the housing for the hygrometer, and we have an elegant item, which will look great in any room.

And it doesn’t end there, because there is also the tempered glass top which not only makes this seem more like a display case, it also allows you to see the cedar interior whose lighter color provides an excellent contrast to the darker exterior.

How to Use It

There isn’t really much effort required to get your humidor ready for use. The main thing you will need to do is place the shelf inside, and then position the divider in the tray, at the position you wish. In other words, you will need to determine how wide you want each of the two sections in the tray to be, once the divider is in place.

Another feature to be aware of in terms of using the humidor is the lock and the obvious point that you should always keep the key close by and where you can find it if you do not want the grief of having to smash open your humidor if the key goes missing.


  • Elegant rosewood finish
  • Gold plated trims
  • Large capacity of up to 100
  • Spanish cedar interior inc. tray
  • Tempered glass top


  • Hygrometer is lacking
  • Too big for most cigar fans


Mantello Large Glass-Top Cigar Humidor

If the capacity of 100 cigars is way more than you need, but you would like a humidor of a similar style to the Mantello Cigars one, then we think you will like this one from Bald Eagle.

It has a glass top, a hygrometer housed in the front, a divider to separate different cigar brands, and a dark wood finish, just as the Mantello humidor does, but it is thinner, and thus its capacity is only up to 25 cigars. We should also point out that it is less than half the price of the Mantello.


The saying ‘big is beautiful’ might not always be true, but in the case of this Mantello Cigar Humidor, we have to say that it definitely applies. Its rosewood finish and gold plated trims make it visually appealing, and the capacity, which allows users to store up to 100 cigars, makes it ideal for those with larger cigar collections.

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