Mrs. Brog Triple Torch Cigar Lighter Review

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There are accessories you might want to have if you smoke cigars, and that is essential is a cigar lighter. For that reason, we are going to review one of the most distinctive cigar lighters – the Mrs. Brog Triple Torch Cigar Lighter.

Mrs. Brog Triple Torch Cigar Lighter With Built In Cigar Punch

Mrs. Brog triple torch cigar lighter

Those who know a bit about the world of pipes might be wondering if the Mrs. Brog brand has anything to do with the European company, Mr. Brog, which is one of the world’s top pipe manufacturers.

The answer is ‘Yes,’ with Mrs. Brog focusing on cigar accessories, which naturally includes the cigar lighter we are looking at here.

In truth, Mrs. Brog produces many cigar accessories including ashtrays, humidors, punches, and cutters, but within the lighter category, they make only four products.

The triple torch is undoubtedly their bestselling cigar lighter because of its distinctive design, powerful flame, and the low price point.

Who is This Product For?

With its low price, the Triple Torch is suitable for all, and because it comes with a hole punch, it has more appeal for cigar smokers who like a hole at the end of their cigar.

Those who like distinctive accessories will like this lighter’s gold color which you will notice the second you take it out of your pocket or bag.

As always cigar accessories make ideal gifts, and this one comes in a very attractive box.

What’s Included?

We’ll start with something that is NOT included and that is the butane gas which is needed to fuel the lighter. This is obviously for safety reasons. Otherwise, you will receive the cigar lighter in its box, but bear in mind you will need to fill it with butane before it can be used.

Overview of Features

The appearance of this Mrs. Brog Cigar Lighter is what most people first notice, and there is no denying that its black and gold finish sets it apart from many other lighters and gives it a truly classy look.

Looks are not everything, but the design can be, and with the ergonomic design which makes it easy to grip and use, it is another tick in the plus column. Its one-handed use allows you to easily adjust the flame.

The powerful triple-flame means that cigars of all sizes can be lit and should also eliminate the need to have to click multiple times to get your cigar properly lit.

This lighter is compact and lightweight so can be carried in a pocket or bag, and you’d hardly notice it was there.

Finally, we must mention the cigar punch on the side of the lighter, which is one less accessory you need to buy.

How to Use It

One aspect of using a lighter is safety when filling it. This lighter uses butane which as we’ve mentioned, is not supplied, so you will need to purchase butane lighter fuel before you can use it.

Always follow any safety instructions which are on the butane canister to the letter. You will find the refill point in the base of the lighter.

The lighter flame is lit by simply clicking the button downwards and it should appear almost instantly. The flame can be adjusted if necessary.

 Once you have lit your cigar, ensure the flame on the lighter is extinguished before placing it down anywhere, and especially if you are returning it to your pocket.

The cigar hole punch is located under the lighter button and can be accessed by pulling down the small hinged cover.


  • Distinctive styling
  • Adjustable flame
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Small and lightweight
  • Cigar hole punch


  • Not easy to refill
  • The surface is easily scratched


Mrs. Brog triple torch cigar lighter

If you want all your cigar accessories in one package, including your cigar lighter, you might want to opt for the Harygate Cigar Cutter and Lighter Set.

As the name suggests not only do you get a refillable lighter with an adjustable flame, you also get a matching guillotine-style cigar cutter. The lighter has a cigar puncher to complete the ensemble.

Styled with the choice of a black, silver, or gold finish, it is the ideal gift to give to a cigar smoker, even if that is yourself.


The Mrs. Brog Triple Torch Cigar Lighter is certainly distinctive, but it is not just the design of that makes it a winner. It functions very well, giving cigar smokers a reliable way to light and relight their cigars.

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