Prestige Import Group Cigar Guillotine Review

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For anyone who wants their cigar cutter to be as much as an item of beauty as it is a practical accessory, this cigar cutter from Prestige Import Group is bound to grab your attention, given that it is one of the most distinctive cigar cutters available.

Prestige Import Group Tabletop Cigar Guillotine

prestige import group

The range of cigar apparatus and accessories that Prestige Import Group supply is impressive, with items such as humidors, lighters, ashtrays, and cigar cases all part of their range. That range also includes a huge array of cigar cutters, but none of them is as impressive as the tabletop guillotine cigar cutter we are reviewing here.

It is a relative newcomer to the market, but its dark walnut finish and tabletop design mean it has already had a large number of admirers and buyers.

Who is This Product For?

We could simply say, ‘anyone who smokes cigars,’ but that would be doing this cigar cutter a huge disservice. It does have its practical uses in terms of cutting cigars, but the design of this product means it has a lot more to offer its users.

The main thing is that it can sit on a desktop and be considered an ornament. Therefore, anyone who likes accessories that can become part of their surroundings will find this appealing.

Its distinctive walnut color and design also mean this is a prime candidate for a gift, so those looking for a gift for any cigar smokers in their life, this is certainly one to consider.

What’s Included?

This is a very simple model as you will receive only the cigar cutter, which requires no assembly.

Overview of Features

Given its appearance, we must start with how incredibly attractive this cigar cutter from Prestige Import Group is.

The dark walnut wood finish plays a huge role, but we must not overlook the curved lines and shaping of the base, the cutter housing, and the handle. These all add to its ability to sit on a desktop and look every bit as, if not more, attractive than any other items that it shares the desk with.

Using this cigar cutter is very simple, and a great feature that adds to that is the slot at the back on which you sit your cigar when cutting. This keeps it in place and ensures that the cut is exactly where you want it to be.

As for that cut, it is achieved simply by pushing down on the wooden blade handle, once you have moved the cigar the correct distance through the blade hole.

Another useful, and also attractive feature is the catch tray at the front of the cutter. This will catch the end that has been cut off plus any tobacco that has fallen out of the cigar when cut. This tray has a chrome-plated finish which adds yet more to its decorativeness.

How to Use It

Using this cigar cutter is very simple, so much so that if you have never used a cigar cutter before, you will be able to do so first time with this one, without any problems.

Simply lift the blade so that the hole is fully open, place the end of the cigar you wish to cut through the hole, and then push down quickly on the blade’s handle. This will cut the end of the cigar off, and it will fall into the catch tray.

Rather than having to sharpen the blade, replacement blades can be purchased from Prestige Import Group, and fitting them is very easy to do.


  • Attractive ornamental design
  • Dark walnut finish
  • Very easy push handle operation
  • Chrome-plated tobacco catch tray
  • Replacement blades available


  • Too big to be portable
  • Wood finish prone to scratches


cigar cutter

If you like the idea of having a desktop cigar cutter, but want one which is more modern in appearance, then this EWT Heavy Duty Metal Cast Cigar Cutter will surely appeal to you.

It is constructed from alloy metal, and its black and chrome-colored finish gives it a 21st-century look. In practical terms, it can be adjusted for V-cuts, 2 straight cuts, or as a Cuban cutter, giving you maximum options in terms of your cigar cuts.


There is no denying that this cigar cutter from Prestige Import Group is one of the most eye-catching of any that are currently on sale.

With its dark walnut wood finish, it will grace any desk or tabletop, and as well looking great, it makes the job of cutting cigar ends as easy as possible.

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