Quality Importers Store Deauville 100 Cigar Humidor Review

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There are some cigar smokers who are happy to have a basic, plain humidor, and then there are those who want their humidor to be as much an item of beauty, as it is a useful product. That is exactly what this one from Quality Importers is going to be, given its tobacco leaf inlay, brass nameplate and gold plated lock and key.

Quality Importers Store Deauville 100 Cigar Humidor

Deauville 100 Cigar Humidor

The name Quality Importers might suggest that this is a company which is jack of all trades and master of none, but you would be wrong.

They are specialists in sourcing some of the finest high-quality humidors, and other products relating to cigar smoking such as ashtrays and cigar cutters, and if you occasionally smoke a pipe, they have them too.

This Deauville 100 cigar humidor has been available for over 5 years, and in all that time it has managed to maintain some of the highest review ratings for a product of this type.

Who is This Product For?

If you never smoke, but know someone who does, especially cigars, then this humidor would make one of those gifts that fits the bill on two counts.

First, there is the practical aspects in terms of keeping cigars in top condition, plus, its design and styling makes it one of the most eye-catching humidors available.

Instead, of buying it for someone else, obviously cigar smokers who are looking for a humidor that simply oozes class, will surely be interested in buying this for their own use.

What’s Included?

When you receive your Deauville humidor and take it out of the packaging, everything else you need will be inside it. This includes the tray, two large dividers, one small divider, an analogue hygrometer, some glue, a humidifier, and the gold-plated key.

Overview of Features

We’ll start with something that has nothing to do with the appearance of this humidor, but instead, its capacity. It can hold up to 150 cigars with ease, so anyone who likes to stock up their cigar supply well in advance can do so.

When those cigars are in there, they are protected thanks to the patented ‘Sureseal’ technology, which is renowned for its ability to keep cigars fresh and protected for years.

Part of that preservation is how well this humidor keeps humidity levels optimized which is can be attributed in part to the Spanish cedar lining.

Also aiding this is the humidifier which comes with the product. There is also an analog hygrometer, which is set in a brass frame to add some nice styling on the inside.

Obviously, it is the exterior design, which is going to appeal to many, and nowhere more than on the top of the box. It has, appropriately, a tobacco leaf inlay, which makes this humidor definitely stand out among the rest.

Other design features includes a brass handle on the side, an engravable brass name plate, and a gold-plated lock and key, along with a gold colored tassel, which adds the final flourish to this humidor’s classy appearance

How to Use It

With regards to the tray and the dividers, it should be fairly self-evident how these are put together. Thereafter the other items you need to turn your attention to are the hygrometer and the humidifier.

You need to locate these into the two areas on the inside of the lid, and with hygrometer, this needs to be glued into position. In truth, the glue provided is not great so you might want to use a stronger one of your own.

Once everything is where it should be, you can add your cigars, and you also have the added sense of security that the humidor can be locked using the small gold-plated key.

This might be something especially welcomed by those who have children and do not want them gaining access to your cigars.


  • Exquisite design and finish
  • Spanish cedar inlay
  • Felt lined bottom
  • Large capacity
  • Can be locked


  • Might be too ‘fancy’ for some tastes
  • Hygrometer glue is poor


Deauville 100 Cigar Humidor

There are many cigar smokers who might find the design of the Deauville Humidor a bit too much and would prefer a plainer, simpler one instead. If that sounds like you then you should check out the Megacra Desktop Cigar Humidor.

It is as plain as can be, but instead of a wood finish on the outside, it has leather. Inside you have Spanish cedar, capacity for up to 50 cigars, an analogue hygrometer, and adjustable dividers.


There can few cigar humidors that are as eye-catching as this one. Anyone who is looking for something to grace their lounge or office to add a touch of class, but at the same time provide somewhere to store their cigars, has it with this humidor.

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