What is a Cigar Punch Cutter?

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Many of us cigar aficionados refer to smoking a cigar as an experience. It is something to be enjoyed and savored – everything from the feel of the cigar in your fingertips to the aroma as the smoke fills the room, to the delightful taste that tickles your tongue.

One necessary part of the cigar-smoking experience is the prep work that goes into getting your cigar ready. This all starts with cutting off the cap of the cigar (for the novices out there, the cap is simply a small, round piece of wrapper leaf that is attached to the end of a cigar).

A cigar punch cutter is a small, lightweight tool that makes cutting the cap off of your cigars as easy and effortless as possible.

They’re cylindrical blades that work by gently removing the cap while leaving the edges, or the shoulder of the cigar, intact.

As an interesting side note, thanks to their more modern designs, cigar punch cutters are also referred to as bullet cutters due to the small hole it leaves in the cigar, as well as the fact that many of them are designed to look like real bullets.

Why Use a Cigar Punch Cutter?

We hear it all the time from novice cigar smokers – one of the first things they mention after smoking their first cigar that has been punch cut – “The flavor seems so much more intense!”

The truth of the matter is they’re correct when they say this. When you cut the cap off your cigar with a punch cutter, all the heat, oils, and smoke in the cigar are released through a much tighter opening when you take your puff. This causes the cigar to provide a much tighter draw with a higher intensity.

Punch cutters also have the added benefit of leaving your cigar looking much neater.

Since they keep the shoulders of the cap intact, there is typically less of a mess at the end, which helps to keep you from getting loose pieces of tobacco stuck in your mouth.

And last but not least, when it comes to reasons why you should use a cigar punch cutter, is the fact that it makes cutting your cigars incredibly easy.

You can have your favorite cigar ready to go effortlessly in just a few seconds flat. And since modern punch cutters feature such a small design, you can easily attach one to your keychain to have ready to go for you no matter where you are.

Cigar Punch Cutter

How to Use a Cigar Punch Cutter

As we mentioned above, using a cigar punch cutter is as easy as it gets for taking off the cap.

Simply open up your punch cutter to reveal the blade. Depending on the design of your punch cutter, you’ll usually either have to remove the cover or twist the blade out if it’s a retractable model.

Next, center the blade over the middle point of your cigar cap. Make sure that you’re firmly holding the blade and then gently twist the cutter in a back-and-forth motion into the cap.

You don’t have to apply a lot of pressure here. Keep in mind that the wrapper leaf is quite thin; your goal is simply to remove the wrapper layer of the cigar with the cutter.

Finally, you can very gently (and very carefully) pull the punch cutter out of the cap. Remove any leftover wrapper leaf from your cutter and throw it out.

With all of that out of the way, you’re all set to light up and enjoy your cigar!

The Different Types of Cigar Punch Cutters

There are several different varieties of cigar punch cutters available. Quite a lot of the cutters that you’ll find available in smoke shops feature the bullet cutter design because of how compact and convenient it is.

You’ll also find cutters available with differing blade sizes, offering different draw strengths and intensities with the cap size that they cut.

You can even find punch cutters built directly into some cigar torch lighters. Thankfully, all punch cutters follow the same principles for cutting the cap, so no matter what type you’re using, the steps are the same.

Final Thoughts

Cigar punch cutters make getting the prep work out of the way a total breeze, letting you get to the actual act of enjoying your cigar smoking experience much quicker than if you were to cut off the cap using another method.

And since there are so many different types of punch cutters, it’s easy to find one that suits your preferences. We consider them to be a must-own accessory for any serious cigar aficionado.

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