Xikar Xi2 Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter Review

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We love products that have a backstory, and so when we heard this one was created by a cigar smoker who could not find a cigar cutter that worked the way he wanted, we wanted to take a look. It is the Xikar Xi2 Cigar Cutter, and its teardrop design immediately sets it apart from the crowd. In this xikar cutter review, we’ll discuss all features, pros and cons. etc. of this amazing cigar product.

Xikar Xi2 Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter

Xikar Xi2 cigar cutter

The creator of the Xikar Xi2 is Kurt van Keppel, who, along with a designer friend, Scott Alsmberger, was determined to produce a cigar cutter that could cut cigars smoothly using just one hand. He achieved that ambition, to the extent that the Xikar Xi1 cigar cutter became one of the bestselling products of its type.

That occurred back in the 1990s, and now Xikar has updated models on the market, including the Xi2. Its tear-shaped design is very distinctive, and what can add to that is the fact that you can choose from multiple different fascia designs, including the stars and stripes flag.

Who is This Product For?

There are several major appeals of this cigar cutter from Xikar, and one of the most prominent is the fact that it can be used one-handed, which many cigar smokers love.

Its appearance will also be something that many buyers will go for, whether that be the shape or the fact that you can select from several colors and designs.

Cigar cutters make great gifts, so even if you do not smoke cigars yourself, you might know someone who does, and who would love to receive this. This xikar cutter is the best product to gift your friends.

What’s Included?

As you probably know cigar cutters are relatively simple products so when you receive delivery the only thing you will get is the gift box containing the Xi2 cigar cutter, and an instruction/warranty sheet.

Overview of Features

The key to how well a cigar cutter is regarded is undoubtedly down to how well it cuts cigars, having high-grade 440 stainless steel blades explains why this xikar cutter has so many positive reviews.

Operating the cutter is a case of pressing the button to release the two side grips, placing your cigar through the blade, and then squeezing with one hand. This simple one-handed operation will appeal to many cigar smokers, especially those who are looking for the simplest way to cut their cigars.

The cutter is shaped like a teardrop and this ergonomic design along with the texture on the exterior makes it very easy to hold and grip while it is in use. Note that the cutter is suitable for cigars up to 60 gauge.

It is also very aesthetically pleasing, and that is not just down to the teardrop shape. While the standard color is black, you can also choose other colors such as blue, red, white, or camouflage, if you want to be different.

The Xi2 cigar cutter comes in a gift box, so if you are looking for something special for any cigar smokers, then this will be ideal.

How to Use It

There is no assembly required so you can start using the Xi2 cigar cutter immediately. Using it is very easy, although it might not operate the way you are used to with other types of cigar cutters.

First, it is spring-loaded; therefore, when the cutter is closed, you need to press the small button on the front, to release the blades. When you press it, the wings of the cutter will open on each side.

Holding the xikar cutter in one hand, place your cigar into the blade hole, and then close your grip. This should cause the blades to close and cut the end of your cigar.


  • Operated by one hand
  • 440 stainless steel blade
  • Small, lightweight, and portable
  • Multiple color/design options
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty


  • Grip action may not suit everyone
  • Springs may occasionally jam


cigar cutter

Not everyone is going to appreciate the grip action of the Xikar Xi2 Cutter, so if you want a guillotine cigar cutter that is as easy to use as any, consider the Alaska Bear Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter.

Not only is it a fraction of the price of the Xikar Xi2 Cutter, but it is also extremely easy to use, is made from durable stainless steel, and for those who hate maintenance, its blades self-sharpen as they are being used.


This is a cigar cutter in a league of its own, with a unique shape, high-grade stainless steel blades, one-hand operation, and the option to select a color or design to make it your own. Alternatively, it will make an awesome gift that any cigar smoker will be delighted to receive.

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